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always remember to ask yourself when you feel stuck, what would Adrian Carton De Wiart do? 


This hardcore Brit is legendary Lt.Gen. Adrian Carton De Wiart. He slayed bodies on 2 different continents in 6 different conflicts and campaigns. He lied about his age to join the military. He was wounded numerous times:

Shot in the stomach and groin during the Second Boer War.

Shot in the face and lost his left eye and part of his ear in East Africa

Lost his left hand in the trenches of France during WW1 due to shrapnel; but not before he tore off some damaged fingers by himself.

Shot in the skull and ankle during the Battle of Somme, France

Shot through the hip at the Battle of Passchendaele, Belgium.

Shot through the leg at Cambrai, France

Shot through the ear at Arras, France

At age of 60, he led operations against the Nazis during WW2 in Norway, Poland and Yugoslavia.

During a mission, his plane was shot down off the coast of Libya where he swam to the coastline. He was then captured and sent to a POW camp in Italy. He made 5 escape attempts, once eluding capture for 8 days even though he was conspicuous with an eye patch and did not speak Italian.

He was awarded the British Distinguished Service Order, the Victoria Cross and many more awards.

He summarized his experiences in these words: “Frankly, I enjoyed the war”.